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Monday, October 3, 2022   

Buying Products B2G Business to Government

This is not your ordinary Price Comparison of only consumer items that are off the shelf.

This Patented Price Comparison Engine services business that SELL or BUY of Product or Servicesthat have options and the answers to the option questions have to be supplied before a price can be provided as well as catalog items.

You need to Register by provide your name, a valid email, with a Minimum Password Length: of 7 before you can submit the Request For Quote to the vendors subscribing on the this eMarketPlace.

Login if you have already registered or click on Register above this and to the right with a valid email as you will be required to acknowledge receipt of the email to get started.

Once you have acknowledged the email you can log in and you will see more menu selections that will allow you to submit the options answers that are needed to get the quote in real time.  NO MORE playing phone tag and or loosing the quote in you span folder!!!  You will see the lists of subscribers for the various products with links to there site with overview and also the ability to register with them before you can get a quote.  The registered company can also indicate how many miles away they desire to business with, so the list might change after you have login because of your Zip Code is beyond the allowed miles.

 Below are some of the various products offered (If the only vendors are Co A or Co B it is presently only in demo modeClick here to sign your company up as a Subscriber and start saving overhead cost and increase sales):

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