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Monday, October 3, 2022   
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We are currently a privately held LLC in the state of Florida.  We are currently seeking Angel Funding and or Private Investors to help accomplish our goals and vision.

We are a premiere e Market Places Portal  with our Patented Software Method that provides price comparisons. We are an aggressive company with an aggressive business plan. We are always looking for the next technology to help us stay ahead of the competition. We are also looking to have other Partners locations utilizing our technology.

We want to have our clients that are buying or selling no matter where they are in the country to be able to get price comparisons of Product or Services with options. Presently the only competition for price comparison with options is done via email and therefore expensive man hours are used to produce the quotes.  They still have the possibility of the returned email being lost in the spam folder.  We do it real time and the quotation of price is done automatically with our Patented software Also competition only addresses buying whereas we also do selling.  Our goal is to change this marketplace by making our customers more competitive by reducing labor overhead.  If you are interested in investing into this kind of company please call 850-588-1724 or complete the Feedback form so we can grow together!


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